One Of My Az Student Receved A Speeding Ticket--question

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One Of My Az Student Receved A Speeding Ticket--question

by: Off_Camber on

He gets a Speeding ticket for 30 over on Taunton Road. plus he received a fail to change adress on his ownership within thirty days..

He shows me the Ticket. The first thing I notice is The Licence number is written in Correctly, EXCEPT---

The officer Apears to have writen in the Licence number and In the Jurisdiction box- on the speeding ticket he wrote M.

on the other ticket he wrote ON

Now, heres my query----lets say he just pays the ticket...i mean this M could stand for "Manitoba, Mississippii, Michigan, MINNESOTA, Montana,

Massacheusetts, OR MEXICO fr all that matters.

it is amendable under the POA section 34, but could you force a fatal error?

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by: CoolChick on

It should be thrown out for the errors ( mind you many tickets should be thrown out for being plain lies ) Take the ticket to Points or some equivalent place that deals with tickets, they will get it sorted.

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