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Nypd Using Hyrid Altima's!

by: tdrive2 on

http://www.autobloggreen.com/2009/05/02 ... a-hybrids/

Thought this was really cool. I happen to love the Nissan Altima. Ford is rumored to stop the Interceptor in 2011.

The altima doesn't seem like a bad car for city patrol.

The 3.5 L has 270 Horse power and some 250 lbs of torque not to bad!.

I have no idea what the Crown Vic's have got i think they are a 4.2L V8.

Peel has alot of 6 cylinder chargers.

Anyone think the OPP would ever go for these?

Anyways nice to see that someone in NA will use import's.

On a second note now that Chrysler has declared bankruptcy the dodge charger can not be a long term replacement vehicle for the OPP.

I doubt they would ONLY use Tahoe's....

I know in GTA region peel was big on chargers and they seem to have cut back, i am seeing alot more of the new Impala's and the Crown Vics with their new paint jobs.

Halton and TPS still using crown vic's.

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