Just my thoughts....

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Just my thoughts....

by: puzzled on
Sun Dec 05, 2010 6:41 am

Just about everyday I am on three different highways. I notice quite a difference in the driving habits of drivers on Hwy. 400, Hwy . 401, and Hwy 404/DVP. The 400 drivers are nuts. They all follow too closely and irregardless of weather conditions or lighting, all drive at least 30 k/mh over the limit. The 404 drivers tend to leave more space between themselves and drive a little more civilized, even at higher speeds. The 401 drivers do tend to drive a little closer but not as fast due to them being prepared to stop or slow down all the time. One charge I would like to see laid more often is following to closely. In my opinion the cause of most accidents I've seen.
Take the mystery out of driving. Use your turn signal.
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