"it's Just A Dog, You Can Get Another One"

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Did the Police Officer Act Appropriately?

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"it's Just A Dog, You Can Get Another One"

Unread post by admin »

"It's just a dog, you can get another one," Officer Paul Stephens is heard saying.

Check out this article:

A couple was stopped for a speeding ticket, as they were trying to take their sick dog to the vet.

The dog died while the officer gave them a ticket for speeding.

A distressed Gonzalez said he called a New Braunfels, Texas, veterinarian and described the dog's symptoms as he drove but had to pull over when Stephens flagged him for speeding.

The officer's dashboard camera captured a visibly emotional Gonzalez, who was shaking, franticly asking for aid for Missy.

"She's dying," Gonzalez said.

"Who's dying? Relax," Stephens said.

"My dog," Gonzalez responded.

The tape shows Stephens telling Gonzalez to calm down and reprimanding him for endangering other motorists with his driving.

"You're driving down the highway at 100 per hour," he said sternly. "It's a dog. It's OK. You can get another one. Relax."

What do you guys think about this incident? Should the same law apply to animals? If a person was sick and being driven to the hospital, the police would give them an escort! In this case the police gave them a ticket, and said "GET A NEW DOG".


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Unread post by BelSlySTi »

Total Richard Cranium, however the driver was speeding!

Maybe just a pinch of compassion was needed, guess that's why his supervisor sent him for counseling, and I bet he is surprised as hell it's

gone this far :oops:

Escort all the way!!

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Unread post by ticketcombat »

This reminds me of all those stories you hear about people swerving into oncoming traffic to avoid running over a squirrel. I love animals and we should do more to protect them, but in Ontario you can't speed to drive your mother to the hospital let alone your dog.

This guy way "screaming hysterically", "visibly shaking", "distressed" AND driving down the highway at 100mph. If the officer had quickly written a ticket, guess who would have driven 120mph to make up the lost time? I think the cop saved some lives that night, including the driver and passenger.

If you're the cop and you just nailed someone at 100mph you're going to be pumped when you get out of the cruiser. It's pretty hard to enter the sympathy circle.

This also reminds me of all those stories where cops drive a sick animal to the vet in their cruiser and become heros. Opportunity lost.

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Unread post by hwybear »

I have 2 dogs, so I'm the animal lover.

Had similiar situation about 2 weeks ago. I told them to drive the speed limit and I followed them to the animal ensure the story was not BS. And then gave the driver a warning for the speed! (my animal heart)

Have also stopped persons rushing to hospital. If practicable I will get them into my cruiser and arrange to meet an ambulance part way OR make them wait for EMS at the side of the road.

Under no circumstance will I let anyone continue themselves at a high rate of speed. They are not trained, nor have proper emgergency lighting and surely the "civil aspect" should someone get hurt by their driving.....not going to happen!

Above is merely a suggestion/thought and in no way constitutes legal advice or views of my employer.
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