invalid ticket?

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invalid ticket?

by: monkeypyjamas on
Mon Apr 26, 2010 4:12 am

I was ticketed for an improper right turn at a corner where the signs posted say that there are no right turns during certain hours Mon-Fri. I was given the ticket on a Saturday. I know that I can go to court and ask to have a trial date set, but I'm hearing from all sources that, just to do that in the City of Toronto, I can expect a 4-5 hour wait. This wouldn't normally be a huge issue (although it is a pain), but I have a 10 month old whom I would have to bring along AND I'm honestly just ticked off that I have to figure this out anyway, since what I did was completely okay according to the signs.

So, are there any other options in a case like this, where I didn't actually break the law and the ticket was issued in complete error? A friend has suggested calling the officer and seeing if he'll cancel the ticket. Is that a reasonable thing to do? Any other options? I obviously don't want to swallow the fine and 2 demerit points, so need to do something!
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