How to react for emergency vehicle coming from behind

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How to react for emergency vehicle coming from behind

by: Fin00965 on
Sun Nov 22, 2015 3:24 pm

Hey guys,

As a new driver, I have a question about reacting to emergency vehicle coming from behind at the intersection area. I want to learn how to react correctly before I actually meet the situation and getting panic. I would really appreciate your answers, thank you!

On the book, it says when it is safe to do so, change to the right lane and stay away from the intersection. if you are already turning ( in the intersection), abandon the turn and go straight to the other side of the intersection and change to the right lane, stop, and wait.

However, I was wondering, if I was waiting behind the stop line (before going into the intersection area) for a red light on a left turn lane, or the middle lane for going straight, there is an emergency vehicle coming from behind, should I just stay there and wait, or should I move to the right? What if there is no space for me to move to the right?

And what if there are altogether 3 lanes - left turn, middle, and right turn lane - all 3 lanes are occupied before the emergency vehicle arrives, what should these cars do on these three lanes?

Again, thanks for helping me with this "new driver's confusion." :)
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by: ynotp on
Sun Nov 22, 2015 3:56 pm

No one expects miracles if the other drivers manage to pull to the right then you should follow suit. If the vehicle comes in behind you and you are facing a red then carefully move into the intersection giving the vehicle room to pass, after it does do not proceed until you have a green light. When there is heavy traffic, often the emergency vehicle will avoid this scenario entirely by passing through the intersection from the left side of the road with lights and siren blaring after traffic comes to a stop.
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