How To Approach These?

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Squishy wrote:The federal government just recently passed a law where jail time before trial would get 1-for-1 credit, capped at 1.5-for-1 credit for extreme circumstances. Maybe this doesn't apply to provincial courts and provincial offences.

That answers my question. I'm not sure if the 2-for-1 credit was ever applied to provincial stuff, though...

toofast4uM3 wrote:my paralegal says to say i need more time so i can seek out legal representation, and if they ask how i plead i should say not guilty? good?

Now I'm confused. :? You say you have a paralegal? Why is your paralegal not going to court with you? Plead not guilty and, as liveontheedge was saying, tell them you need time to apply for legal aid because of your financial circumstances.

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by: toofast4uM3 on

ok so i got some good news.. i think

ok so i went in asked to talk to a prosecuter, i talked to the guy he was really cool....

he told me everything will be dropped except

fail to stop for poilce (*EDIT* 7 points)


motor vechile no insurnace..

i asked if i was looking at jail time he said no.

so now he said i have to plead guilty and save the prosecutor time and theyll cut me a deal he said if i talk to the JP they can reduce my fine cuz i am a student etc..

man am i happy this turned out 100X better then what i anticipted....he also said that my licence might not be suspended if i talk to the judge not all the points will be added etc i gotta call the office and get tehm to get me a earlier date so i can pleaad guilty..

oh and the paralegal thing.... he told me to go in my self today cuz its just a hearing and when they give me a trial date etc. so i guess it played out well i was thinking this cant be as bad as it looks theres many many more criminals that should be in jail and not me

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