Exceeding Speed Limit To Pass - Isn't It Allowed?

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by: Trigga on

SO the speed limit is suppose to be the absolute max you should drive.. RIGHT??

then how do some ppl get 2 demerit points for driving 10km to slow?

if the max is what ur suppose to be driving then why do ppl get tickets for driving 10 below?? its a grey area

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by: Marquisse on

The first two reasons I can think of is that driving too slow can be just as dangerous as driving too fast, particularly when one is driving significantly under the speed limit on a 400 series highway. I think the danger is in the variable speeds on the road. If you are doing 10 under in the left lane, for instance, not only are you endangering yourself and others due to speed differences, but you are disrupting traffic flow. Driving significantly under the limit, imo, implies something is wrong with the car and I would put the hazards on to signify to drivers that they need to be aware that you are not driving in accordance with traffic flow and they need to be aware of you, and I would most definitely stick to the far right lane. Even then, that lane is the most dangerous because of exits and merges.

Think in terms of making safe lane changes when vehicles are going significantly faster than you, think about the traffic backing up as a result of someone disrupting traffic flow (and all of the ancillary issues that causes, such as increased odds of collisions, disruption to emergency vehicles on clogged roads/highways, etc). Then you have the aggressive morons who deserve tickets as well, who endanger you (the one going slow) as well as themselves and others by tailgating and cutting you off, rapid/aggressive lane changes, and the stop-go effect it has on the rest of traffic.

I tend to think of traffic as a single organism with moving parts that need to be in harmony and in tandem with everything else within it. 50% defensive and 50% offensive driving is required.

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