Could I Still Get More Disclosure Material?

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Could I Still Get More Disclosure Material?

by: NoNamedUser on

I had my trial adjourned because I did not receive the disclosure that I requested. The officer provided me his notes, and the LIDAR serial number and nothing else. I asked for the manual and the officer and the prosecutor both said I do not have the right to get that. I then signed something I never read, and left.

After reading this forum, I realized that I should be able to get the necessary portions of the LIDAR manual.

However, I still signed the document, which I presume is some sort of confirmation that I received disclosure.

Due to the above, is the Crown still obligated to provide me the solutions manual if I make another disclosure request for it?

Thanks. And first post BTW.

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by: CoolChick on

You are entitled to ALL disclosure.

Also you do not have to sign anything ever. Signing is a voluntary process not to be forced under duress or coercion. If you ever do sign anything you should make sure you retain your rights by writing 'Without Prejudice' just before you put your autograph. If you ever feel you are being forced to sign anything you should add Under Protest and Duress.

'Without Prejudice means that you Retain all you natural rights.

Under protest and duress is self explanatory.

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