Changing Court Locations.

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Changing Court Locations.

Unread post by TridentX2 on

Hello there, as you may have noticed in my other thread I was recenty charged with a minor non-moving violation.

I was pulled over by the highway asshat division in Orillia, ONT. The location marked as provincial offenses office is in Barrie, ONT.

I have had a ticket before (20m from the current ticket), by the asshat division's ticket location was in Orillia, ONT.

Is there any possiblilty of getting it changed from Barrie, to Orillia.

Is it possible to notify them of trial option over the phone?

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Unread post by hwybear on

TridentX2 wrote: I have had a ticket before (20m from the current ticket),
So your the one that keeps signing your name on the pavement with wax crayons :lol:
(just had to say that)

Court is in the jurisdiction on the back of the ticket.

Think you would have to mail in the request for trial or show up, so there is at least a tracking history of it.
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