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Another Opp "damn Street Racer"

by: BelSlySTi on

This officer is the fourth that's been charged under this garbage law!

OPP officer charged with stunt-driving in cruiser

July 23, 2009

The Canadian Press

ST. THOMAS, Ont. — An Ontario Provincial Police officer who crashed into a hydro pole has been charged under the provinces stunt driving legislation — resulting in his police vehicle being impounded.

Police say 31-year-old Constable Jeff McNorgan, an officer with one year of police service with the Elgin County detachment in southwestern Ontario, was travelling on the Nova Scotia Line at the time of the accident.

McNorgan and his passenger, Const. Brian Watson, were uninjured but taken to hospital for observation.

The police vehicle sustained extensive damage in the collision.

McNorgan has been charged with stunt driving for excessive speed, his licence suspended for seven days and the police vehicle in question impounded as required under the legislation.

McNorgan is scheduled to appear in St. Thomas Provincial Court on Aug. 28.

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by: Reflections on

Not to nit-pic but impounding a wrecked police car does what exactly????

http://www.OHTA.ca OR http://www.OntarioTrafficAct.com
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by: admin on

This shouldn't be too shocking.

I have seen cops drive like maniacs.

The other day I was Cut OFF by a cop in my town.

I was coming to a red light, and the cruiser had his green going straight across me when all of sudden he changed his mind, made a right turn, and came straight into my lane and headed straight towards me.

I actually had to stop 10 meters before the red light, so HE wouldn't hit ME loll..

He then got into his correct lane, and he just looked straight ahead, even though I was looking at him with the WTH face!

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