S.159(3) - Odds Of Reducing Fine?

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S.159(3) - Odds Of Reducing Fine?

by: johnnybev66 on

Hello, new member here. Sorry if I'm posting in the wrong place. Read the rules but it wasn't clear how/where to post on this topic. Just got a 159(3) ticket today (failure to change lanes when approaching emerg vehicle on shoulder). $490!!! There was obviously a blitz in effect; saw many others being pulled over. (They were using an interesting technique: every time they pulled a car over, a second police car came up behind to catch any drivers who didn't change lanes.) I have no basis for a not-guilty plea, but was just wondering what the odds are of getting the fine reduced by a JoP (Option 2: Plea of Guilty - submissions as to penalty). Would like to know because the courthouse is a 1-hour+ drive each way and is only open one half-day per week, so if the odds are not good, I'll just pay the thing and be done with it. Thanks in advance for any help/advice.

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by: vladmtf on

Chances are 100%. I had the same ticket. I pleaded not guilty and requested a trial.

They send me a letter about early resolution meeting. I didn't go because of snow storm. After that they send me a letter with date of trial. I requested disclosure. they send me photocopy of police officer's notes and my full driving record, with all tickets in the past.

When I came for trial, there was a notice to see prosecutor before going to court room. Prosecutor offered me 200$ +cost, because I had no tickets. I saw one man, for the same offence he was offered 300$ plus cost, probably he had other tickets.

Also, you can delay the trial. You can ask police officer to type his notes. If he doesn't - you can ask to reschedule the trial, to get additional 3-4 month, may be good enough to renew insurance.

For me it ended with original fine, 490, I lost the trial, of course, but it was valuable experience. Good luck!

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