Failing To Yield To Traffic On A Through Highway

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Failing To Yield To Traffic On A Through Highway

by: yaris15 on

I received a ticket for failure to yeild traffic on a through way. What happened was that I was pulling out of store drive way to turn left.

The traffic coming from my right hand side was stopped at a red light, including a police vehicle. There was no traffic coming from the left hand side and It appeared that the officer had left space so that a driver could pull out of the lot and get in front of him, which is what I did. Keep in mind he didn't pull me over at that point or make any indication I did something wrong. (I even gave him the thank you wave)

The line of cars that I was in were waiting at the light for aprox 3-5 min(officer behind me), when the light then tured green and the all the cars began to move forward, the officer honked at me, and as I advanced he pulled me over and gave me a ticket. Really not sure what I did wrong here... I'm fighting the ticket, just wanted to know if anyone had any advice

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by: racer on

As with any ticket, mail it in with option 3 checked off, wait for the court date to arrive in the mail, and then send for disclosure. Simple as that! There are no additional fees, etc. that you have to incur.

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by: Radar Identified on

This is a weird ticket. As racer says, file a disclosure request. This should give you the officer's notes, in case he saw something that you didn't. From there, you can work on a defence. Keep us posted. If it happened exactly as you described, and everyone was stopped and there was a gap for you to safely move in to, I don't see why you got ticketed.

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