Fail To Yield To Traffic On Through Highway

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by: racer on

1-st off STOP POSTING IN ALL CAPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Further messages posted in all caps WILL result in account BAN. Posting all in caps is impolite to say the least.

Private laneway does not fall under OHTA, so there is a number of things you do not have to do while pulling out of one. People will hate you for that though.

If you were charged with it, nothing will tell you how many points you have than the section you were charged with. If you were charged with 136(1)(a) (Fail to obey stop sign, red light, etc) that is 3 points. There are some private laneways that have a light/stop sign on it. If you were charged with 136(1)(b) (Fail to yield right of way), then you should have let everyone on the road pass before proceeding safely. That is also 3 points. There is no reason for a fine to be different either.

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by: Bookm on

There's a little know law that one must stop before crossing a sidewalk when exiting a private drive. No one does it and I have never heard of this charge being laid. I can't find it now in the HTA but I had read it before after losing a bet against a cop about it, LOL.

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