144 (18) Red Light Fail To Stop

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144 (18) Red Light Fail To Stop

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Today I was coming out of highway with speed around 40km/h and making left turn on ramp. When I take a turn it was green and light changed to amber. Cops gave mne ticket based on the fact I pass the red light. I tried to convince cops but they didn't aggree and gave me ticket.

What are chance of going to trial or do I plea guilty.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.



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Should You Challenge You Ticket?

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You should challenge the charges against you. If you plead guilty you are facing the $180 fine plus 3 points on your licence. Your insurance rates will most likely increase if the conviction is discovered. Keep in mind from the insurance companies perspective, if you get convicted many other times have you "possibly" taken similar risks?

You will want to complete option 3 on the back of your offence notice, and will need to file it with your local Provincial Offences office. Next you will want to request disclosure to find out what evidence the crown has against you. Be sure to write down your version of what happened sooner than later, as memories do fade quickly.

Once you receive the disclosure package, compare your version against the officers, and decide what you want to do. You may wish to plead Guilty to a lesser charge if you don't think you can win, or proceed to trial if you have a strong case.

Be sure to keep us updated with your case, and if you have more questions be sure to post them.

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