Pedestrian Intent

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Pedestrian Intent

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I did not get a ticket and I was not spoken to by police. I just have a question.

I am about to turn right on a green light. The walk signal is on. There is a pedestrian on the sidewalk slowly approaching the intersection to my right - but is a few feet away. I come to a complete stop to wait for them. As they get closer - still quite a few steps from the curb - they slow almost to a stop and it seems to me they are not going to cross but are going to follow the sidewalk and go right.

They are still away from the curb. I very slowly make my right turn. Looking in my rear view - I see that pedestrian cross and feel terrible. I do not honestly believe I endangered the pedestrian or cut them off and they did not appear distressed.

I'm just suddenly very confused. I'm a cautious driver and I'm wondering - where is the line between waiting for a pedestrian who is approaching the intersection and needlessly impeding traffic by waiting? How close do they need to be to be considered "approaching?"

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Re: Pedestrian Intent

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The driver is responsible at all times for that pedestrian as long as they are crossing in a legal manner. So you kind of just have to do your best to gauge the situation and make sure you can make the right safely.

In your particular situation, I wouldn't feel too bad. It sounds like the pedestrian knew exactly what they were doing and they wanted to cross behind you, rather than in front.

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