Failed To Remain: A "love Tap" On Someone's Bumper, Please Help!

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Failed To Remain: A "love Tap" On Someone's Bumper, Please Help!

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Hello all,

Helping someone out here. My friend she was at a yield sign, let go of the brakes and hit the car in front. She panicked sped up and ran. No visible damage to her car and not major damage to the other car, no major paint came off eithere.

She's worry that due to possible dash cam of the other drivers or other witness may have captured her plate numbers.

What's going to happen when the other driver reports it to the police/collision center ? A letter/call to be received ?

I have read some reddit posts that people have gotten letters from the collision center and later their insurance call them up as they are paying the other driver's damage,

Can this happen without any inspection of both cars?

Thank you!

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Re: Failed To Remain: A "love Tap" On Someone's Bumper, Please Help!

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If you had hit my car and run, i.e. "hit and run" I would certainly reported it to the police and given them dashcam. In fact the same thing happened to us, a neighbour ran into our car parked and sped off, I called the police on them.

That love tap caused $2000 bumper repair. Had the parents come out instead of hiding inside there house I would have worked something out.

That actually happened twice, after the damage was repaired, our car was parked on the road as we were having a drive laid and had a parking permit, bam same *EDIT*, smashed up bumper and of course no-one see's anything.

You ran, you didn't stop to check damage so you CANNOT possible know what damage you caused.

Me and my family have had similar little "lovetaps" they are not taps and not loving. Scratches, knocks, bumps cost, and even if your covered everyone pays as the insurance raise premium's.

As to what will happen to you I don't know, but and I've been a member of this forums for years and years and NEVER said this or similar to anyone on this forum or others, I hope your reported and prosecuted for hit and run.

If any member on here thing's I'm being harsh or "unfriendly" I don't give a rats, me, I'm sick and tired of waking up or going back to my car and seeing what some person's done to my vehicle.

And before anyone think's my poo doesn't smell, I backed into a neighbors car (we were visiting-in the middle of the night) ME I still stopped went into the house and apologized and said I'd hit there car, I couldnt see any damage but I'd be happy to pay for any repairs.

All inspected the car, slight scratch, which buffed out, accepted my apology handshake done. I felt a damn sight better, slept like a baby and my daughter saw what a real man and father is supposed to act like.


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