Commercial Vehicles And A Licence

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Commercial Vehicles And A Licence

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I am looking for clarification on the weight limits for a licence, this 11000 KG is a combined vehicle weight from all that Ive read. With that being said we are talking about a commercial vehicle weighing 14000 lbs with a 43 foot crane on a Dodge 5500 chassis, now this a empty unit. No tool boxes yet, no additional equipment on the unit yet (everyday work stuff, tools, supplies etc). So that 14000 lbs will increase to probably 16500 lbs or more. If the unit is not hauling a trailer does the 11000KG/24250Lbs still apply as ok to operate with a licence

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Re: Commercial Vehicles And A Licence

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As long as the actual weight, GVW (manufacturers sticker on inside of the door panel) and the GVRW (weight registered on the plate portion of the ownership) you can drive it with a G with up to about 24000 lbs.

Note your vehicle will be considered a commercial vehicle and you will still be responsible for annual safety sticker, pre trip inspections, driver's log book. You must also make sure your vehicle plates are registered for the actual weight of the truck with the crane. Failure to have these will result in hefty fines.

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