Reasonable Time To Report Single Vehicle Accident

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Reasonable Time To Report Single Vehicle Accident

by: nrthwiz on

I hit some sand will riding my motorcycle on a quiet back road, slid off the road and into a 3 foot drop off. The bike was well clear of the road and hard to see. I left my helmet hanging on the bars so anyone that did see it would know the rider was okay and off the bike. I walked 20 minutes home, no cars passed me, and was calling work to inform them I was going to be late, while I was taking off my riding gear. Then I noticed a big wide open gash on my kneecap. I knew I wasn't abmulatory material, but needed to go to the hospital. I immediately got into my car and went to the hospital. I was there for 6 hours and received 15 stitches to close my wound. Just before I was released, my work called the hospital and told me the police were coming to interview me. As soon as I was released, I phoned the police from the hospital to make a report. The assigned officer said she would call me at home. She called and I gave my statement about the sand and no shoulder and the accident. She met me at my work the next day and gave me a failure to report ticket. What is a reasonable length of time to report when there is no one else involved, no property damage and the only injury was to me? While in the hospital, I didn't want to go hunting down a payphone ( had no change- left in a hurry) in case my name was called. I also was going to wait until a friend was done work and get help retrieving the bike, it was well off the road and not causing any danger, but the police had it towed and it cost $500.00 to get it back.

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by: Stanton on

There isn't a set time, but you're required to report an accident "forthwith". I can appreciate when it's just you you may feel there's less urgency, but you're still legally required to report it as so as practicable. It would be hard to legally justify not calling from home or the hospital. You may want to consult with a paralegal because a conviction could have some serious implications in regards to insurance rates.

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