Failure To Report, Not On Road In A Driveway

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Failure To Report, Not On Road In A Driveway

by: perks on

i got a ticket for failure to report accident 199(1), i hit a tree no one else, i got the ticket that says i was on some road, but really it happen on a driveway to a parking lot. was wondering if i could fight this try and get no points taken off or even the whole ticket. thank you.

after answering the first make you can help me with my second ticket which happen a hour after i went to the police station to report my accident. i went to the impound where my car is stopped, and saw that the cop was there. so i properly got back on the road and drove away. next thing i see im getting pulled over.

the officer grabbed my out of the car put hand cuffs on me and threw me in the back of the cop car. i tried asking what for all i got out of him was your fled the sence. next thing he does make me do a breathalyser or how ever you spell it. and i blew a A which is a warning. then the car that i borrowed thought i stole it, and called the owner and forced her to get it towed making more bills for me, then gives me a ticket for novice driver B.A.C above zero. sect 44.1(3). so i was wondering if i could fight this one too. i dont really want any point offs my licence. thank you

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by: Stanton on

Failure to report doesn't require the accident to occur on a roadway, it can be anywhere, even private property.

Your chances of fighting the tickets are dependent on the strength of the police evidence, something that can't be judged based just on your post. I'd suggest hiring a paralegal to represent you, as both charges are quite serious.

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