Fail To Report Accident Contrary To Highway Trafiic Act 199

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Fail To Report Accident Contrary To Highway Trafiic Act 199

by: pat111 on

I was involved in a accident in parking lot. Talking with the lady she tells me I don't want to call the police my insurance will go up and so on. Even though I hit her car at approx. 3 km/h, I asked her if she was alright and she said yes. I told her my uncle owned a body shop since she didn't want to involve the police and we assessed the damage quickly and figured it would be under 1000$ so there wasn't a need to report it. A few days later I get the quote and comes up to 1200$ to my surprise I call the lady up and tell her I could pay for half since in my opinion I wasn't 100% at fault. She tells me she would have to think about it and that she will call me back. Well shure enough a few hours later a policeman calls me for my statement. He then goes on to say that I am the one at fault for hitting her and that the only fine he can give me his failing to report since it wasn't on the highway and that I didn't make any effort to report which I was fully cooperative with him and that I was a few hours late of reporting first. My question is can I fight this ticket or plead guilty since the law states reporting damages under 1000$ isn't necessary. And if I were to have another quote done that would be under 1000$ could I get away with it.

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