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"return Immediately"??

by: cruzmisl on


I'm curious what the courts detemermine "return immediatley" to the scene of an accident is? Is it 5 minutes, an hour, 2 days? Surely this will depend on the JP but I'm wondering if there is any case law/personal experience regarding the subject.



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The only case I could find that was related was R. v Robson, but it doesn't really answer your question. Basically the guy intentionally hit a cyclist and drove off, returning 45 minutes later from a doctor's appointment. ... 18728.html

Leaving the scene to seek help and return immediately (as SOON as the call is placed or help is found, then no delay in returning) is permissible according to a former police officer. Beyond that...

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by: hwybear on

I would agreewith "RI".

If one does not have a cellphone, one would be given opportunity to go to the nearest payphone, call for help and return OR advise the services responding where the hell you are!

Above is merely a suggestion/thought and in no way constitutes legal advice or views of my employer.
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