Hit A Parked Car In Toronto

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Hit A Parked Car In Toronto

by: limeoasis on

Today i was shopping, and parked within the customer parkings offered to the store i was going to. As i bought what i need, and got into the car, I backed up and hit the car behind me (parallel). I hit the car fairly slow, and there appears to be no physical damage (if theres any, its less than $1000 for sure). ive never been in an accident or told what to do when it happens, so in the instant I was panicking and drove away as so much was going through my head and i was not thinking straight. in the span that i drove a way was 10 minutes, i stopped at another parking lot to gather myself together and checked online on my iphone to see what am i supposed to do when i hit a parked car. Seeing that most suggestions on the internet is to leave a note, i sprinted back to the parking lot where the car i hit was, and left the note there indicating my name, and number and what had happened, and asking them to call me back. Still in a state of flux, i thought i was "done" as i left the note, and left again. Now that i am reading about it, i did not realize this counts as "failure to remain at collision" even though i left a note.As soon as i found out this charge on my phone, i went back once again in hopes to find the owner, but the car was gone. i read up that if the collision's damage is less than $1000 (which is most definitely is IMO), i dont need to report it. The accident occured at 3:10pm, i left my info on the windshield at 3:30pm. Its now 6:45pm, and the owner still hasn't called me yet, and i am panicking my bum off. usually in cases like such, whats going to happen?

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by: mnstrcck on

If there is no visible damage, you did the right thing by leaving a note. After all, there's a reason why bumpers were put into cars. I wouldn't stress out about it too much. If they're reasonable people, you won't be getting a phone call about $5000 repairs.

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by: tdottopcop on

Bumped a car, and there's absolutely zero damage?

.... lol..... that's when you say, 'Later!' and off you go. No note. No nothing. If there's no damage then who is interested?

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