Failure To Remain At Scene

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Failure To Remain At Scene

by: mmikemanmuir on

Long story short my vehicles throttle body got stuck open right before a red light, not knowing what to do I tried putting my foot on the brakes the stop the over revving vehicle but the brakes weren't good enough to stop the car, so I blew the red light going 15km/h and hour and a car collided with my car which remained out of control until I turned the car off and ended up 4 blocks away the accident pulled over on the sidewalk. The other vehicle had pulled off the road into a parking lot which I didn't see so I left the scene. I have proof the car had a mechanical failure but unfortunately I still left the scene of the accident technically, I will be getting a lawyer most likely since its a serious charge but was wondering what a ticket like this would get reduced to by the crown since the lawyer will most likely just got right to the crown for me to try to explain the situation? I can't seem to find any lesser charge that would relate to such an incident. The mechanical failure proof I'm sure will help but doesn't really excuse leaving the scene when it occured.

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by: Stanton on

If you truly didn't commit the offence, then the charge should simply be withdrawn or you'll hopefully be found not guilty at trial.

I certainly would suggest a lawyer, because it sounds pretty incredible that in 4 blocks, a car going 15 km/h couldn't be brought to a stop by holding down the brakes, using the emergency brake, turning off the engine off putting your car in neutral. Especially when it was fine to drive off with shortly afterwards. It will take some skill to sell that to the Court. Regardless, I don't see how that would justify you driving off after the fact.

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