Fail To Remain Or Fail To Stop?

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Fail To Remain Or Fail To Stop?

by: freespeech on

So my son (6) on his bike looks both ways, doesnt see the suv, then starts to cross, all of a sudden was hit by the suv, flew about 40 feet away, got stuck under a compact car across the street, the guy got out of the suv, seen my son under a car, left him there, left his suv there but ran. the police later find him and charge him with fail to remain and driving disqualified. why was he not charged with hit and run? whats the difference between suspended and disqualified? not to mention the guy was drinking too, but didnt blow over so got off on that one

yes my son is lucky to be alive...sustained serious injuries. was flown to a childrens hospital, has suffered brain injury and more.


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