Did Not Know I Failed To Remain At Accident

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Did Not Know I Failed To Remain At Accident

by: confused9999 on

I got called to go to station. I was at school parking lot and thought me and another car had a near miss. I was pulling out and she pulling in. I got an apologetic wave and so I drove on.

About 30 min later after I went through a drive through for dinner my son got a text stating me and the other car collided but they only had some paint missing. I asked my son to see if they knew lady or could get me contact they said no.

When I got home I noticed a big dent. I did not hear a hit. My husband pushed out dent and we buffed the area.

I went to school but had no way of contacting lady. I was not sure what to do and it was suggested to wait and see. I did not want to go to insurance and knewbest to take care of stuff self then insurance.

Today got call from police as lady reported accident.

Could I be charged......I really did not know.


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