Disobey Officer Directing Traffic To Allow Truck To Back Up

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Disobey Officer Directing Traffic To Allow Truck To Back Up

by: Steven79 on


My wife was driving in downtown Toronto and was directed to stop by a police officer to allow a truck to back up from a driveway onto the street. She stopped as directed but the truck didn't have enough space so the officer asked her to back up. She started to do so but was moving slowly as there was a taxi behind her and the proximity alarm was beeping in her car. She was already moving backwards, albeit slower than the officer wanted, and the officer asked for her Driver's Licence.

She offered the driver's licence and registration but the officer only took the licence. The officer copied down the DL# and advised her to expect a ticket in the mail. The officer then directed her to move along and that was it.

In addition to the above, the officer started the communication by shouting and my wife admits to shouting back and giving some attitude. I'm sure that emotions/attitude played a role in the officer's decision(s).

My questions are as follows:

- If an officer tells you to back up and there is another vehicle blocking, and you comply by reversing slowly, have you actually disobeyed them?

- Does the officer not have to actually issue a ticket at the scene?

This is my first time posting to this forum. I hope I haven't missed any posting rules you have here :)

Thank you for any help offered!

- Steve

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