red light - fail to stop 144 (18) HTA

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red light - fail to stop 144 (18) HTA

by: lipper on
Sat Jul 07, 2012 8:12 pm


Just registered and was hoping to get some assistance. I was driving east bound in the curb lane on Lawrence ave e. (Toronto) and was pulled over because the officer alleges that I reduced speed to 15-20 km and made a right turn and began travelling north bound on Brimley road. He pulled me over and I did not say a word (didn't even sneeze) to the cop but complied with his demands. (As per his disclosure notes).

This occurred on Feb. 20, 2011 @ 4:57 pm. No snow on ground but it was dusk and overcast.

Cop was viewing this at the red stop light. He was situated in the first row of cars on Brimley ave travelling north bound as well.

I requested a trial on the last possible day to request a trail. A couple months later I requested complete disclosure via registered mail to the officer and the prosecutor's office. Did not get the disclosure till the day of trail (Jan 27, 2012). Requested the matter to be thrown out b/c of the late disclosure. JP adjourned it b/c of disclosure issue. Did not receive video disclosure therefore, I put in a request for video disclosure that same day and did not get it until the adjourned trail date of May 25. I requested to have the matter thrown out again but to no avail. That same day I was given the Video disclosure which I still cannot open because I dont have the software. I think I need Active X. Any thoughts on that would be great too.

Next court date is fast approaching (July 18, 2012) what should I do? Too late for an llb motion should I request an adjournment and then do an 11b motion or can I go to the court house (Markham and Milner in Scarborough Ontario) and ask for an adjournment before the court date? Can anyone think of other options that I may have? I rarely drive and dont have my own car or insurance that is why I REFUSE to plea bargain because I know I didn't run that red and losing demerit points or my insurance possibly going up is of no circumstance to me. My driver's abstract is quite clean. Got a speeding tic in New York in 07 but obviously paid it out in full. Besides that you have to go to 2001 when I got nailed for a stop sign infraction and got convicted.

Any and all comments welcome

Thx for the support
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by: iFly55 on
Sun Jul 08, 2012 1:26 pm

Why not submit another disclosure, requesting for instructions on how to open the video file? This may get you another adjournment and allow you to review the video.

Just make sure for the new trial that you do the 11b application in a timely manner, because this is definitely a slam dunk for you
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