Red Light Camera ticket - clarification?

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Red Light Camera ticket - clarification?

by: megazz on
Thu Dec 02, 2010 6:04 pm

While I have not yet received my ticket, today I received a 'missed delivery' notice from the OPP and I am certain it is a camera ticket. I remember the day it happened. :(

I just need a clarification....

I am intending to plead guilty with explanation in the hopes of a reduced fine (the fine is $325). Despite the poor weather conditions, I know it was my responsibility to drive accordingly and that I am ultimately responsible. However, this is my first traffic violation in all the years I have been licensed (10 years) and I would like to point out the weather (while acknowledging it was ultimately my fault) and my clean driving record when asking for a reduced fine.

I know that the camera ticket itself does not carry demerit points or insurance increases because it is issued to the vehicle owner, not necessarily the driver. However, if I plead guilty with explanation, can they then, with my own admission of guilt, tack on those demerit points and notify my insurance company? I have read mixed answers to this. Before I plead guilty with explanation, I want to make sure that I will not have demerit points subtracted as a result of my omission of guilt.

Any insight would be most appreciated.

Many thanks,
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