Question about fighting disobey stop sign

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Question about fighting disobey stop sign

by: Azured on
Sun Jul 27, 2014 1:10 pm

Just received my first ticket today for failing to stop at stop sign...

It's a 3 way intersection with all way stop sign, 1 car was coming straight ahead making a left, cop car was just arriving from my right intersection.

I let the car coming straight ahead to make a left and proceeded after quick stop (less than 3s) since I had the right of way ahead of the cop.
Cop pulled me over afterward and told me I didn't stop at all, I argued that I did but he insisted that I didn't even do a rolling stop.
He wouldn't budge saying that they have been having a lot of complaints in the area of people running over the stop sign and had to ticket me. He also do not have any video evidence but in the end it's still his words vs mine.
He told me that I can fight it to court and probably won't even get a trial date until January since its pretty backed up (Peel Region)

I intend to fight it at least to remove the demerit points charge, I'm wondering what would be my best strategy. I checked ticketcombat but I still have some questions

There is option 2 "Early Resolution - Meet With Prosecutor" and I am able to request for interpreter. My native tongue is not exactly common, should I pick option 2 and ask for early resolution ? Can I get the case thrown out if they cannot find interpreter for me ? Do I request the disclosure document before or after this meeting ?

Or should I go for option 3 and request for trial and hope that it will take such long time to find an interpreter for me so I can file 11b unreasonable delay request ?

Will picking option 2 start the timer for the 11b ?

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by: ynotp on
Sun Jul 27, 2014 8:39 pm

Your command of English in its written form seems adequate I would expect that you can understand verbal English as well so why the interpreter?

If all you care about is demerit points go for early resolution and offer to plead guilty to a reduced charge.
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