Fail to obey a stop sign / charged with violating HTA 128?

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Fail to obey a stop sign / charged with violating HTA 128?

by: gabrielsm on
Mon Nov 07, 2011 12:36 pm

On Oct 28 I was charged with "Disaobey Stop Sign - Failing to to Stop", which I'm not sure if I stopped or not. I may have slowed down, but I'm not sure if I stopped completely. The officer said that she had she could check the recording, however I failed to ask her to show it to me. Anyway, I know she does not have to show it to me at the moment and that if she does not have the recording, it would be my word against hers (and most likely her will be stronger than mine). Anyway, here is my question... I'm being charged with failing to obey HTA 128, which is for speeding, and not for failing to obey HTA 136 which regulates the Stop Signs.
I'm planning to take it to court to see if I could get the charges dropped completely or at least to something without demerit points based on the fact that the charges on the ticket are not correct.
What do you think? Would I have any chance?
Thanks for the advise.
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