Disobey Sign Fail to stop at Pemberton Ave / Kenneth Ave

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Disobey Sign Fail to stop at Pemberton Ave / Kenneth Ave

by: C4Car on
Wed Mar 07, 2012 9:24 pm

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Hi Maureen,
I have read Mae's thread with great interest. I was stopped in the same area and given the a ticket for "Disobey Stop Sign, Fail to Stop" 136(1)(a) at a 3-way intersection. Two cars entered the 3 way stop, I proceeded NB, after first stopping at the Stop sign. Then the 2nd car proceeding EB, turned left at his stop sign & proceeded NB into my lane, behind me. Then I heard the officer 's beep-beep horn; we both stopped as we were not sure who he was referring to as we both started to pull over. It appeared that each of us both thought it was the other person being pulled over. However, the officer was pointing at me. I have requested a trial date as there was doubt as to who the officer was pulling over.

I did stop. It was a cloudy, dry day. No one else was at the intersection except for each of us. It is a very quiet residential area. I drive that intersection 4X a day to drop off/pick up my son to/from school. I have never had a driving violation in over 25 yrs of driving. I believe that when the other car approached his stop sign, he may have obscured the officer's view of my car at the stop sign.

I am curious, how did your trial turn out?

Tks in advance!
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