144 (18) - Red Light Fail Stop - Turning Right

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144 (18) - Red Light Fail Stop - Turning Right

by: gilvanblight on

About a week ago I was stopped for a rolling right turn at a three way intersection at a red light.

Personally I thought I stopped before the stop sign as there was a car in front of me turing right as well that had stopped well into the intersection, I just followed him through as I had already stopped behind him and didn't even consider stopping again before turning as I was just before the stop line.

I'm not really interested in going to court over this, as I noted above, I thought I stopped. I was driving a route I drive at least once a week, one that I don't usually pay much attention to and to be honest I don't remember perefectly if I did a rolling stop or not, I know there was someone in front of me turning right but I may have just rolled up behind him right when he moved and followed.

What I would like to know is if it would be advisable to take option 3 and hope that the file will be reduced on a first meeting. I would be very happy if I could just remove any points from this infraction. Is there any harm in taking option 3, showing up for the first meeting and if a reduced sentence is not offered, just pleading guilty then and paying?

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