Proceed Contrary Sign Intersec 144(9)... What Is>

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Proceed Contrary Sign Intersec 144(9)... What Is>

by: mikedunn on

I got court coming up and got a ticket for proceed contrary sign interect 144.9

It was at Eglintion and Strathern, I made a right turn onto Strathern, when there is no right turn from 3pm - 7pm.

Question, under section 144(9) does this fall under a intersection?

My First argument will be its not at a intersection.

Would this win my case>


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by: tdottopcop on

An intersection is where two streets intersect.

So if you're driving down ONE street, and you turn right onto a DIFFERENT street that INTERSECTS with it... well, yeah, that is an intersection. yeah that's not much a defence.

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