Please help! Failure to obey sign...

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Please help! Failure to obey sign...

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So my issue is this...

I was exiting the hwy and on the off ramp (quite a distance back from the lights) there are signs showing you can only go left or right off the ramp. Now my intention WAS to turn but I noticed an extreme amount of traffic (I was trying to get off the hwy and take the streets to move faster) so I decided to re-enter the hwy and the ramp was straight ahead. I did not notice the turn signs prior but returned to the site to see them. Now there are no signs located at the intersection itself nor is there a do not enter sigh or even a sign with the straight arrow and a line through it located on the other side of the street letting you not you are not permitted to enter the on ramp.
i missed my court date (totally forgot about the ticket) and was obviously convicted and I am now going to court on appeal. Is there a way I can beat the case as there is NO signage at the intersection only about 20+feet prior to it, OR should I just try to get the charge lowered to avoid losing points.

This took place in Brampton. Are there regulations on where regulatory signs are to be located?

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