Mayfield Rd, Caledon Disobey sign

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by: Squishy on
Thu Mar 10, 2011 1:20 am

:D Thanks guys. There was a family health emergency that I had to go help with, then I got pretty busy with Habitat for Humanity and the OPP volunteer work. I ended up on Habitat core crew, working six days a week for them. We also started up a little graffiti project with the city police board where I'm programming a database and mapping program and working with a fellow volunteer to catalogue all the graffiti around town.

I'm still working on those physical requirements. Attended a PREP session held by uniform recruiting from GHQ...found the pursuit/restraint course relatively easy, in fact it took a lot of control to not slam the weights around. Only trouble I really had was in pulling the dummy around so that I finished behind the pylon. The shuttle run sure kicked my ass though. Back to the treadmill.
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