Fail To Stop At Stop Sign Already Postpond Ticket Once

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Fail To Stop At Stop Sign Already Postpond Ticket Once

by: allrshoot on

Hello, experts

My aunt has a ticket which is failing to stop at the stop sign st the beginning of 2017 in a small street in Richmond Hill. She claimed she stopped but may not fully stop. On the first trail date, I went to court to get the ticket postponed it once already until now. I will represent her again this time. From the ticket issue date to the second court date is about 10 months. I understand if the officer doesn’t show up, she will win the case. If he does, can I postpone the date again to next year sometime? What reasons can I ask the judge to issue a new court date? And then can I use 11B to get the offended dismissed if new court date is issued?

Please advise what our options are besides just paying for the fine. We want the ticket to be dismissed so the insurance pricing will not be affected.

Thanks millions.

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by: bend on

Unfortunately, you can't argue your right to a trial to a speedy trial when you're the one postponing it. That ship has already sailed.

You also probably shouldn't wait until your trial to ask for another date yet again. They expect you to be ready to go. They might not take too kindly to the request the second time around.

If you plan on fighting your ticket, keep in mind that a stop sign charge is what they call an absolute liability offense. That means your defense has to be "Yes, I stopped at that sign...". Anything less and they'll find you guilty.

Let us know if you have anymore questions.

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