Fail to Obey sign ticket

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Fail to Obey sign ticket

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Hi All,

Need some help on this one.
I was travelling North Bound and was approaching the traffic light to continue north, as l rolled into the traffic light I pulled up behind a truck. The light was green and the truck started moving forward to go through the intersection and suddenly put his brakes on. I made a split decision to avoid hitting him at the back of his truck and swerved into the right turn lane which then apparently turned into an HOV lane. As I preceded to go through the light, I found out why the truck ahead of me put his brakes on, a car was trying to go through the red light to their make a turn in the southbound lane. Needless to say I hit her. The officer stated that he would be curious how a justice of the peace would handle my ticket.
The officer told me that it was a bonehead move and that unfortunately had to give me a ticket for using that lane.
I plan to fight the ticket, but wondering what my options would be at this point.

Thanks for any advice.

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