Disobey Sign Hta 182(2)

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Disobey Sign Hta 182(2)

by: khalid on

I got pulled over for disobeying the No Left Turn sign during 4-7pm. On the ticket it say Highway traffic act Section 182(2). I was driving south on Queen St S in Streetsville Mississauga and did not notice the sign at Main St so took the left turn on Main st towards Bristol Rd. It was evening of Jan 16,

2018 around 5pm and visibility was poor which caused this mistake. I was about 5 cars away from the traffic light and did not realise the sign.

What should be my course of action ?

Your help is appreciated

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by: bend on

If you're looking to challenge the charge, you can start by requesting a trial. From there you can make a disclosure request and see some of the evidence against you. Almost all municipal websites will have information on where to submit your request and they'll most likely have a generic form for your convenience. I believe Mississauga has an online form where you can fill out your information and submit it through their website.

Poor visibility is brought up quite a bit here and it's almost never a valid defense. If your visibility is so bad that you're missing signs, then you'd be expected to pull over safely and figure something else out. It's not an excuse to drive blindly.

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