Disobey Sign 182 (2)

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Disobey Sign 182 (2)

by: arq on
Tue Sep 11, 2012 11:43 am

I was ticketed for disobeying a no left-turn sign during 3:30pm - 6:30pm Mon - Fri - 2 signs posted.
The ticket was issued on Nov 11th 2012, and was received by the clerk for a trial request on the same day. I received a first attendance on Jan 3rd 2012, where I requested a trial. I received a notice of trial date in march for June 13th 2012. I filed a disclosure request on March 28th 2012. I called a week before trial, and the lady said they do not have it ready, and I have records of the time of call. In trial, I requested adjournment based on not receiving my disclosure despite ample time (11 weeks) provided, as well as my follow up. I received the officer's notes the day of the trial; prosecution tried to continue the trial anyway. I got it adjourned for Sept 27th 2012.

The officer's notes indicate a vehicle that is the wrong make, model, and colour. I want to use that as evidence showing that I was reasonably not the vehicle in question. I have proof indicating that I was registered to another vehicle by Service Ontario. Is this sufficient proof against my conviction? Also, am I within the territory to file an 11b?

Thank you.
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