182(2) No straight passing from 7 till 9 am

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182(2) No straight passing from 7 till 9 am

by: Vydrucha on
Sun Oct 13, 2013 6:32 pm

I've got my ticket for entering the street with the "No straight passing from 7 till 9 am" (Mj.Mac and Spadina in Richmond Hill). I have been using this intersection for the past 5 years in the evening, and that was the first time I passed though it in the morning. Well, I did my home work and I know that the fact that sign is in English only is not a defense. The fact that it was a Force of Habit will probably not be a good defense either. However, the situation was like that. We were three cars waiting at the traffic light to go. I could see the signs. I could also see the police car on the other side of the intersection very well. However I did not see the officer. The two cars ahead of mine started moving and entered into the Spadina Street. At that moment I thought that probably the intersection was regulated by a police officer and the drivers could see him allowing them to enter. As it was the most convenient route for me at that moment, I decided to follow them just to see the first two cars stopped and to be stopped myself by the police officer. Is there any way to use the fact that I was following the traffic to my benefit?
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