176km/h On Qew

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176km/h On Qew

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I got radared going 176 on the QEW by Burloak drive. However, the officer did not pull me over until I was near the Plains rd. off ramp (16km away by google maps) because he said that's how long it took him to catch up to me. This happened at 3am in the morning on a foggy night. During the 16km he definitely lost sight of me for a while so do you think it would be possible to say he got the wrong car? I drive a black Mercedes 2000.

I got ticketed for going 76km/h over the limit and racing a motor vehicle. This is my first traffic violation and I'm a hard working student at Waterloo. I am supposed to appear in court on the 28th of June. What do you guys suggest I do?

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I'd suggest seeking the help of a paralegal since the consequences on conviction are serious. You may have a possibility of arguing the wrong vehicle was stopped, but that will be very dependent on the officer's actual observations. If the evidence is very weak, then you may want to fight the charge outright, but there's also a very good chance you'll be offered a plea deal which may be the safer bet. Regardless, request disclosure, see what the evidence against you is and at the very least I'd recommend consulting with some form of legal representation.

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