159 in 100 on 407

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159 in 100 on 407

by: Misfitman on
Sun Jul 01, 2018 3:15 am

I was Driving on the 407 towards Vaughn some guy swerved into my lane and stomped on his brakes so I passed him to get away from him and a cop got me at 159kmh this is my second speeding ticket my first one was 15 over I’m just wondering what would happen and my best case scenario and worst case scenario?
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by: argyll on
Sun Jul 01, 2018 1:59 pm

This is a huge impact on your life. What happens in court is secondary to the ramifications down the road. Your insurance company may refuse to insure you and, if they do, you will be paying astronomic premiums.

If found guilty in court you can, under the law, go to jail but this is incredibly unlikely unless there are all sorts of other circumstances such as previous instances of excessive speed so I wouldn't worry about that. You will get a significant fine and that's on top of the tow and storage charges that you will have already incurred.

You can choose to fight the charge and, for that you will want to plead not guilty and then ask for disclosure. Posting it here will get you some advice from the board members as to whether the think you have a life of defence.

You may get, or you can ask for, a deal from the crown of 49 over which is a speeding ticket but not stunting. If that is offered I would bite his/her hand off. I would never recommend someone goes to trial on a stunt charge unless they have a slam dunk defence - the consequences of being found guilty are just too extreme.
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