102 In A 50 Reduced To 90

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102 In A 50 Reduced To 90

by: Balance0fJudgement on
Sun Jun 17, 2018 1:51 am

Last year I was given a ticket for doing 90km in a 50km zone

The officer knocked it down from supposedly 102km

I never denied speeding but the truth is I was following traffic.

2 cars in front of me and 3 more behind me yet he chose me.

He never actually stopped me and I know for a fact he didn't have sight of me.

He WALKED up to me in my driveway as I was putting my bike away accused me of speeding asked for my documentation walked back to his car parked I. The middle of the road, then turned on his lights pulled the car over to the side and wrote me the ticket. He said he k locked it down to 40 over because he didn't want to "jam me up" 50 over would mean impounding the bike and suspending my license.

Question is

Was the stop legit?

I can't prove my speed or the fact I was following other traffic. I can prove he walked up to me and never actually "pulled me over"(thanks to cctv)

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by: bend on
Sun Jun 17, 2018 4:25 am

Following traffic isn't a thing. It's insignificant to the charge.

Yes, an officer can walk up to you and issue you a ticket. It doesn't matter if you turn off your vehicle and stand next to it. The officer was probably exercising some caution because he was dealing with an individual on a motor bike.

Use some caution when deciding how far you plan on going with this. Your ticket can and will be amended back to 102km.

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