Speeding Fine - 49km/h over in 80km zone

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Speeding Fine - 49km/h over in 80km zone

by: still on
Wed Dec 30, 2009 1:55 pm

Early morning of Dec 30th I was pulled over for apparantly exceeding the speed limit by 59km/h on Hwy 8 in Kitchener. Officer reduced the ticket to 49km/h since first offence and not my car - but he wrote "R" on the ticket to show that the ticket was reduced. I'm confident I wasn't exceding 130km/h and for the majority of the time only driving at 120km/h.

The officer said that he had a "laser trap" set up on a section of the highway (1km - 2kms) that had a reduced maximum speed of 80km/h (it use to be 100km/h, also he pulled me over in a 100km/h zone) and that I was liable for stunt driving - - - (later reduced see above).

I am wondering if I should just pay the huge fine and demerit points to avoid potentially having the "real" speed (which would put me in the stunt driving category) refered to in court or if I should request a trial and try to minimize the fine pleading it was a first offence, or the limited highway lighting/reduced speed zone.

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by: racer on
Thu Dec 31, 2009 7:41 pm

Was there a sign set up advising of the reduced speed limit?
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