Reduced Speeding From 38 To 15

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Reduced Speeding From 38 To 15

by: akosinskiy on

Hi all,

Happy holidays!

Newbie here. Got a speeding ticket after 11PM on QEW reduced from 138 to 115 (it was a week before they upped speed limit to 110).

Got disclosure. There were two PCs - one LIDAR operator and the one who got us.

They clocked me at intersection of QEW/Jordan (I actually saw a car standing under the crossing road perpendicular to the highway). They stopped us "before Tufford Rd" which is not 100% true, it was just before the next exit (the other car was stopped after us on the exit rump), but even if at Tufford it is about 7km away from the clocking point. What are the chances to fight it in the court? There was traffic at that time and obviously it was dark and I was constantly changing lanes. Also my understanding is that both PCs have to appear in the court - gives a bit more chances...

Below is the "short" version of the notes. I can upload full version but it is really hard to understand.


Clear weather, well lit area via overhead lights, dry roads, 100 kmh clearly posted on both sides of hwy, moderate traff. PC xxx ### operating LIDAR outside standing next to cruiser driver door, D1 window fully rolled down for comms, I have clear view of all 3 main lanes qew wb at 2306 hrs, LIDAR operator advised verbally he locked a grey SUV possib X5 in lane 1 at 138 kmh and pointed at it as it passed at high rate of speed. kept sight and followed the veh. only grey SUV BMW X5 in the vicinity. Stopped same veh before Tufford rd R/s. Multi occupants, male D1 ID via DL with photo. Issued reduced 115 from 138.

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