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Please Help

by: Nightmare123 on
Tue Oct 04, 2016 3:33 pm

I am fairly new to this and a friend referred me to this website in order to get some advice on how I should proceed next. Back in January, I received a ticket for Speeding 149 in a posted 100 zone on the 407. The court was in Newmarket, so I paid OTT Legal services to file the ticket for me, I was going to fight it myself. I moved and changed my address. OTT said that MTO should update the courts, but to follow up and check for my trial date. I followed up once in April, they told me to call back in August. I called back last week and was told that my trial was scheduled for the end of August and I had missed my date. Panicking I asked the operator on the phone what to do. They informed me to come in and file a re-opening and I should get a new date. So I took the day off school, went in and filed the reopening. I called the court again today and they told me MY REOPENING WAS DENIED? How is that even possible. I was guided wrong and missed my trial date because of it. I was told I had 2 options, pay the fine in full and then I can get an appeal done, or I can apply for an extension to pay. I am in no financial circumstance to pay the full amount (Currently a Full Time Student with no Income whatsover). I can do like a payment plan, or pay the full fine if it gets reduced. Can someone please help me?
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by: screeech on
Tue Oct 04, 2016 4:13 pm

Do you want to appeal or do you just want to pay it, with extra time?
Under Section 111 of the Provincial Offences Act, you must pay the fine before an appeal is allowed. However, there is an exemption under that section as well where it is possible to have the fine provision set aside if you entre into a recognizance. There is a bit more to it, do some research on it...if you are just looking for an extension to pay the fine, go back to that court house, talk to a JP and they are pretty good about giving you extra time to pay...4 months? 6? just explain your financial circumstances...
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