Novice driver escalating Sanction program

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Novice driver escalating Sanction program

by: tasha2325 on
Tue Oct 25, 2011 12:41 am

I was pulled over in August for driving 115 in an 80 on County RD 62...My mom was right beside me and she is always making sure i'm not speeding, if i'm going 81 she's sure to let me know i'm speeding . Neither of us were aware, I wasn't gaining on traffic, it didn't feel unsafe and I was just driving home after a long day of work. Unfortunately I was so upset and tired that day that I didn't even try to plead with the officer.

Anyway, I did some research and saw I would lose 4 points but since I didn't plan on getting any more tickets and money is limited and I decided that I would choose option number two and try to get the cost reduced.

When I spoke to the justice, she told me that I could consider option number three and take it to trial. Advising me to tell them what I told her and it would probably be reduced to 15 km and 37 dollars but timing of the trial would have interfered with school and after discussing my options I decided to just pay the fine which she reduced to 155 from 265.

Today, I got a letter in the mail telling me my license would be suspended for 30 days effective OCTOBER 25TH 2011....I was so shocked, I hadn't previously heard anything about the Novice Drivers Escalating Sanction and no one I spoke to: the cop, justice, admin clerk at the court, warned me that I would lose my license. I am so baffled as to why the justice would not have told me I was going to lose my license. I told her my whole situation, I let her know money was of concern and of course included in the suspension is a 150$ fee. We even spoke about school and how much of a necessity driving was for me. Given her position she had to have known......

Does anyone know if
1. There is anything I can do to have the suspension revoked or the length of suspension shortened?
2. How it will effect insurance, being a class G2 driver on my mothers insurance as a secondary driver?
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