90km\hr in a 60km\hr zone..Court This Afternoon

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90km\hr in a 60km\hr zone..Court This Afternoon

by: dkameka on
Thu Feb 20, 2014 10:54 am

The officer did not reduce the ticket by 1km/hr.

1km/hr would have made a huge difference in points and fine amount;however, he said he will reduce it in court.

I've selected option 2 to discuss possible resolution:

Do you think they will drop it to exceeding the speed limit by 16km/ hr to 29km/hr. (Taking only 1km/hr off) OR...

I'm hoping to get it dropped to 75km (15km/hr) over.

If have a clean record with no demerit points. I don't wan't 4 or 3 points on my record.

If the prosecutor is only willing to drop it to 3 points (exceeding the speed limit by 16km/ hr to 29km/hr) can I ask for an adjourmnent and set trial date. Is this a smart thing to do? Or just take what they give me.?
If I ask for a trial date to fight it instead. When and how should I ask for the disclosure to start building my case?
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by: highwaystar on
Thu Feb 20, 2014 12:49 pm

Chances are very slim that they'll drop it to only 15 over (i.e. no points). I would expect that they will only drop it to 20 over at most (i.e. a 3 point, minor infraction for insurance purposes). Its too large a drop to reduce it by 15km, so its extremely rare to be offered. After all, prosecutors need to balance court resources vs. devaluing the work of officers and the law. Dropping it that much down starts to devalue the integrity of the law. Besides, Prosecutors know that speeding charges are not very hard for them to prove and win with little court time spent. If you don't take a deal and are convicted at 30 over, you'll face 4 points (i.e. a major infraction for insurance purposes). You need to factor all of that in when deciding.
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