49km over in a 60km zone (reduced)

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49km over in a 60km zone (reduced)

by: DanMG13 on
Sun Jan 19, 2014 3:31 pm

Hello ladies and gentlemen,

Today I was driving my common law partner to work rather quickly, we are both 17 and do not make much money. She had been late to work a few times and her managers told her if she was late again that they would fire her. I was rushing to have her to work on time as her being fired would be very bad. She is a full time student in her last year of high school as am I. I need to be able to drive everyday to and from school and work it is over 25-km away. The officer stated at the scene that what I was doing was considered stunting and I should have my car towed, I apologized profusely and said to him what I have written above. The officer was a decent guy and I would take the fine because I deserve it. However, as I have my G2 licence 49-km over and 4 points is grounds to have my licence suspended, immediately for 30 days, if that happens neither school nor work would be possible.

If anyone has any advice as to how I could get this ticket to 29-km over I would be very grateful, I understand my mistakes and realize I should have gotten up earlier (in this situation it was hard as she worked until 1 am the previous day and we were both exhausted)
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by: bend on
Sun Jan 19, 2014 5:09 pm

DanMG13 wrote:If anyone has any advice as to how I could get this ticket to 29-km over I would be very grateful
Not going to happen. You already got a huge break as is. If you want a trial, your ticket can be amended to its original speed. If I was a prosecutor, i'd tell you to take it or leave it because you DO NOT want to go to trial.

While a 30 day suspension may seem dramatic, you're way better off than what would have happened had the officer not cut you some slack.

You can try, but it's almost impossible to get what you're asking.
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